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In den letzten 14 Jahren haben wir Dank unserer Auftraggeber eine Vielzahl von Imagefilmen, Werbe- und Ausstellungsfilmen inszeniert, wovon einige mit internationalen Filmpreisen ausgezeichnet wurden: So zum Beispiel "Bestes Drehbuch" für Schloss Rochlitz, "Bester Werbefilm" für Mythos August oder zwei "Silberne Delphine" für Benno von Meißen und Gefangen auf den Königstein. Das Team um Kathleen Biermann-Jung erzählt Geschichten und lässt mit viel Liebe zum Detail alte und neue Zeiten lebendig werden.

Viel Freude beim Ansehen unserer Filme!

A Servant of Humanity - Doctor Norbert Enders at the Philippines

A Servant of Humanity - Doctor Norbert Enders at the Philippines

The general pracitioner Dr. Norbert Enders has been working in the Philippine Slums for many years. He treated the Iocal residents of low-income households for free, using mainly alternative healing methods, such as Homoeopathy. The people there have grown closer to his heart and for many of them, the German doctor was the only medicinal help, because they cannot afford otherwise. Norbert Enders also helped young people on his small dream Island Siquijor to build their own existence, by supporting farming and the harvest of agricultural products. The “servant of humanity” is a role model for many people there and he is also a helper, trying to lessen the misery wherever he can. On the 8th of August 2020, on his beloved Philippine island Siquijor, Dr. Norbert Enders left this world. We were able to give him the news that this documentary about him would win a price at the "Terres Travel Festival" in Spain and he was very happy, although he didn’t find out that it would be 1st place at the category "Biographies". In October the film has been awarded at the "ART & TUR International Film Festival" in Portugal with the second prize at the category "Biographies". At the German Film Festival "Natourale" the documentary is selected at the "Official Selection" and will been screen at the festival End of November 2020. Especially in his last days, his serenity mirrored his inner strength and character. We admired him for his great and knowledgeable spirit. It moves us, as well as all friends and patients of Norberts, greatly that he is now, post mortem, being honoured with an award for his tireless work as a doctor and humanitarian. He will live on in our memories and through this movie which honours his life’s work. A film by Kathleen Biermann-Jung & Andreas Jung.
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